Sophie, a 9-year-old girl, recently moved with her mother to an old house on the outskirts of town. As soon as they arrive, the girl explores the house with her best friend, an old teddy bear named Griff.

Sophie finds a key that leads her to a room full of things forgotten by the former owners. There are many scribbles on the walls and there is a very mysterious atmosphere in the place.

Suddenly little red eyes light up in the dark and surround her. At that moment a music box begins to play a hypnotic melody behind her, her body stops responding. A voice whispers: “You are not welcome” at the same time that long and thin doll arms drag her violently away, making her teddy bear falls to the floor.

The door to the room slammed shut and no one hears the unfortunate event… Except Griff.

About the game

In this experience, the player will take the place of Griff, a guardian teddy bear who will fight the possessed dolls that attack Sophie, a little girl who has just moved into a haunted house. Sophie’s Guardians is a First Person Survival Shooter and provides a thrilling experience for players thanks to three intense game modes: Guardian, Gunslinger and Puppeteer.

Game Modes

+The Puppeteer Mode:

Two players take turns manipulating the way the dolls appear on stage, using an xbox controller. This will directly affect the way the dolls attack the player who is wearing the VR glasses. In other words, one player protects Sophie and the other activates the waves of dolls that will attack him.


+The Gunslinger Mode:

Test your skills and marksmanship with the growing hordes of possessed dolls. The player must survive as long as possible. This mode has local and global rankings.


+The Guardian Mode:

In this mode the story of Sophie and the Bear is told. The player will face 15 waves of dolls and to win they must defeat all the enemies including the final boss.

“This is definitely a game with excellent cohesion and gameplay.”